New Yorkers Call on NYC Congressional Delegation to Vote for Historic Investment in Working Families

New Yorkers Call on NYC Congressional Delegation to Vote for Historic Investment in Working Families 


We’re Counting On Our Representatives to Side With Hardworking New Yorkers Over Greedy Corporations


New York, NY – On Thursday, Unrig Our Economy NYC once again called on the New York City congressional delegation and Rep. Nicole Malliotakis specifically to vote Friday for the Inflation Reduction Act to combat inflation, lower costs for American families, and reduce the deficit. The Inflation Reduction Act – which receives overwhelming support from the public – is fully paid for by ensuring the ultra-wealthy and big corporations pay their fair share.


Clare Cecil, Campaign Director for the Unrig Our Economy NYC Campaign, said, “The Inflation Reduction Act will make New Yorkers’ lives better by lowering the cost of health care, prescription drugs, and everyday energy costs, all the while reducing the deficit. New Yorkers are counting on Rep. Malliotakis to finally put working people before corporate special interests and vote for the Inflation Reduction Act. The economy and the tax code have been rigged for big companies and against working people long enough.”


The Inflation Reduction Act benefits New Yorkers  by:


  • Lowering prescription drug costs and reducing health insurance premiums. Medicare will be empowered to negotiate lower drug prices for the first time, saving older Americans thousands of dollars a year. The legislation will also cap out-of-pocket costs that seniors pay for medications at $2,000 annually and requires drug makers to pay rebates if their medication prices increase faster than inflation. It also extends the beefed-up subsidies for low-and middle-income Americans buying insurance under the Affordable Care Act.


  • Lowering energy costs. The legislation’s historic investments in clean energy production will save the average household $1,800 per year on energy bills, Making it easier and cheaper for people to use more clean energy in their daily lives with things like solar panels, electric vehicles, and improvements to make homes more energy efficient. 


  • Easing the burden of inflation. In addition to cutting household energy and health care costs for millions of Americans in the near term, it also reduces the budget deficit and fights inflation. The Act makes wealthy corporations pay their fair share in taxes and boosts IRS funding to crack down on wealthy tax cheats without increasing taxes on anyone making less than $400,000 each year.





Unrig Our Economy NYC is a local campaign to fix the rules of our economy to make it work for working people. When the middle class does well, all of us do well — which is why we’re fighting on behalf of working Americans and holding greedy and the politicians who enable them accountable.