ICYMI: Malliotakis Protects Big Oil As Gas Prices Surge to New Highs During Memorial Day Weekend

Malliotakis Protects Big Oil As Gas Prices Surge to a New High Over Memorial Day Weekend

June 1, 2022

(New York, NY) Today, Chris Fleming, Unrig Our Economy NYC spokesman, issued the following statement in response to Rep. Nicole Malliotakis protecting Big Oil as gas prices surged to a record high over Memorial Day Weekend. On May 20th, Rep. Nicole Malliotakis voted against legislation aimed at curbing price gouging by oil companies (H.R. 7688 – The Consumer Fuel Price Gouging Prevention Act):


“New Yorkers received a rude awakening over Memorial Day Weekend as gas prices surged to a new high, a crisis continuing to grow worse as Big Oil makes record profits price gouging families. If Congresswoman Malliotakis were truly concerned about why gas prices are so high, she’d look in the mirror. Before the holiday, Rep. Mallotakis, who has taken nearly $120,000 dollars from the oil and gas industry, voted against legislation to crack down on price gouging. The hardworking people of New York’s 11th Congressional District deserve a representative that stands up to big oil and corporate fat cats, not someone like Rep. Malliotakis, bought and paid for by them.” 


  • Rep. Malliotakis voted against the Consumer Fuel Price Gouging Prevention Act, a bill that outlaws “unconscionably excessive” gas prices and gives the Federal Trade Commission more power to investigate price gouging by big oil companies. With her vote, she once again sided with big oil & gas companies – not us. Energy price-gouging legislation is supported by 77% of registered voters, including 83% of Democrats and 76% of Republicans.
  • In New York City, the average cost of a gallon of regular gas surged to $5 — the highest on record — with some individual stations charging more than $6, according to AAA data. Meanwhile, profits have surged to $41 billion in the first quarter for Big Oil companies and their CEOs, who’ve been bragging about their pandemic and war profiteering for months.
  • Exxon Mobil, recently reported that its first-quarter profits for 2022 doubled from last year – up to $5.48 billion – and announced billions in stock buybacks. Congresswoman Malliotakis has personally invested in Exxon and even took campaign money from Exxon’s corporate PAC—while the company was raising prices.




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