Economic Issues Dominate Midterm Voters’ Concerns

Economic Issues Dominate Midterm Voters’ Concerns

May 26, 2022

New York, NY – Economic issues dominated midterm voters’ concerns in a new Politico-Morning Consult poll. Forty-one percent of registered voters polled said economic issues, including wages and taxes, are their top set of issues. Security was the next highest at thirteen percent.


The polling also shows voters with a slight preference of 45 percent toward voting for Democrats in this year’s congressional elections versus 41 percent favoring a Republican candidate. The poll was conducted May 20-22 and reached 2,005 registered voters. The margin of error is 2 percentage points.

Unrig Our Economy NYC released the following:

“It’s not surprising the American people are concerned about the economy, especially when politicians in Washington, like Congresswoman Malliotakis, make clear they don’t care if Big Oil price gouges consumers or parents are forced to go without baby formula. Now more than ever, the people of New York’s 11th Congressional District deserve a Member of Congress who fights to advance the economic interests of working peoples, not a politician like Rep. Malliotakis beholden to the rich and powerful corporations that fund her campaign.”


Last week, Congresswoman Malliotakis voted against reining in price gouging by oil companies and against a bill to help solve the baby formula shortage, a crisis created by corporate greed and consolidation. Rep. Nicole Mallotakis has taken nearly $120,000 dollars from the oil and gas industry. Gas prices in New York City just topped $5 a gallon ahead of Memorial Day.



Unrig Our Economy NYC is a local campaign to fix the rules of our economy to make it work for working people. When the middle class does well, all of us do well — which is why we’re fighting on behalf of working Americans and holding greedy and the politicians who enable them accountable.