New Yorkers Protest Rep. Malliotakis For Voting Against Inflation Reduction Act and Once Again Siding With Greedy Corporations Over Working People

On Monday, August 15th, Unrig Our Economy NYC joined with local officials and voters for a “Welcome Back Protest” outside Congresswoman Malliotakis' Staten Island district office and across NY-11. Participants called Rep. Nicole Malliotakis out for voting against the Inflation Reduction Act, historic legislation to combat inflation, lower costs for working families, and reduce the deficit.

New Yorkers Call on NYC Congressional Delegation to Vote for Historic Investment in Working Families

The Inflation Reduction Act will make New Yorkers’ lives better by lowering the cost of health care, prescription drugs, and everyday energy costs, all the while reducing the deficit. New Yorkers are counting on Rep. Malliotakis to finally put working people before corporate special interests and vote for the Inflation Reduction Act. The economy and the tax code have been rigged for big companies and against working people long enough.

Rep. Malliotakis’ Constituent Calls Out Congresswoman In New Ad For Enriching Herself By Voting To Keep Prescription Drug Costs High

Today, Unrig Our Economy NYC launched a new ad featuring Congresswoman Nicole Malliotakis’ constituent Shane Morris – a health care worker and church-going PTA mom struggling to afford her prescriptions.  In the ad, Ms. Morris explains that the prescription she needs every month to survive costs ten times more than it used to. Making matters worse, Congresswoman Malliotakis – who invested personally in drug companies  – voted to keep prescription costs high. 

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